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We take your safety seriously. KOOWI offers so many features in one easy-to-use app.

Report Emergencies

Fire? Medical emergency? Terroristic threat? KOOWI.APP calls first responders in 3.07 seconds. That gives you time to get to a safe place.

Get Gunshot Alerts

Do you know the difference between fireworks, a car that backfires and gunshot? KOOWI.APP does. At the first detection, the app alerts you to seek safety.

Keep Kids Safe

We love kids and want to protect them from harm. KOOWI.APP sends alerts and allows you to customize messages for your kids.

Report Missing Persons

Time is critical when someone disappears. They could be ill or in danger – even taken by human traffickers. Get the word out with KOOWI.APP.

Include a Witness

Use KOOWI.APP to record interactions, especially in potentially unsafe situations like taxi services. If danger threatens, instantly send the recording to authorities.

Stay Secure

Your privacy and data security take priority. We never sell your information. Our data collection and storage procedures meet GDPR standards. Learn more here.

ABout us

We value community safety – everywhere, all the time. It’s who we are. Like you, we want to keep our families safe and your family, too! When we all stand up to crime, we make our world better for everyone.

It’s easy to be distracted. Off guard just a little.

That’s why we developed KOOWI.APP. It’s the app we want everyone to download and register with. Honestly though, we’re hoping you never need to use it.

But if you do, we’re there for you, 24/7. We’re on guard so you don’t have to be. Our business is to look out for your safety so you can go about your business.

some supercool features

Yes there are plenty. But you don't have to believe, just browse!


quick response.

When under duress, our support agents will get emergency responders to you in seconds, not minutes.


keep clear of danger.

Get insights and digests about the potential dangers around you with our community notices feed.


Stay safe at all times.

Find tips, advice and recommendations on how to stay safe from our vetted list of safety providers.


anonymous reporting.

We don't collect or require any personal information from you in order to take full advantage of the app.


enhanced home security.

Link our mobile app to your carbon monoxide detector and get notified of problems even if you are away.


24/7 live video help.

When you need help right now, connect instantly with an on-call support agent by app video call.

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